Hi ! Thanks for visiting my site. If you are here, you are either from my family or you are a friend or you are someone who wishes to know me. My life is an open book….and let me tell you – I love reading books; I love games; I love travelling and above all I am passionate about QUALITY LIVING!!…………I am bitten by the QOL bug (quality of life BUG!!).

Give love by MC Yogi is my anthem. I have a long bucket list, but top on my priorities is to extend help to all those individuals who have a low body image. I can visualize what big bodied people feel. Over the last year I lost over 30 kilos – it has done wonders to my health as well as my mood. I wish to share my, before and after experiences with all those people who need help to reduce weight. I will not only share my experiences but I will be more than happy to motivate you and push to you to become healthy and wealthy (I am sure you must have heard the quote – health is wealth).